New Houston Home Inspection Revels Electrical Dangers

New home inspections are critical to buying and living in a trouble free home. All homes have problems, in general new homes will have fewer issues than older homes. The good thing about a new home is you have a builder who can make repairs prior to closing, that is, if you’re aware of exactly what the builder needs to fix. The only way to provide the builder with a comprehensive list of repair items is by of a new home inspection by a qualified home inspector.

There are still too many people out there who think new homes are perfect and a new home inspection isn’t needed. Some people think if something does go wrong they can just call the builder back and he will make repairs. So they opt to not have the home inspected. This is a major mistake. The issues in this home were found during a comprehensive Houston home inspection performed by Certified Master Inspector Jim Davis.

Builders are in the business of building and selling homes not repairing homes once they are sold. Builders today have very few true employees. Most of the people you see during home construction are subcontractors. You might have as many as 10 to 12 different contractors building a home, with multiple chances to install something incorrectly.

In this new home inspection video a serious electrical hazard is discovered.

The takeaway from this video is you should always have your own home inspector perform a comprehensive new home inspection on a home and never go to closing without the repairs being completed by the builder. The negotiating leverage you have before closing is ten times greater than after you have left the title company.

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