Houston Home Inspector Reviews New Home Inspection Book

I was eager to get my copy of Wally Conway’s latest book “Home Inspection Secrets of a Happy Home Inspector”. Wally has been featured on and hosted shows on HGTV as well as the DIY network. He currently hosts a long running weekly radio show in Jacksonville called “The Home and Garden Show”. Wally also operates one of the most successful home inspection companies in Florida, HomePro Inspections.

 The target audiences for this book, according to Wally are home buyers, sellers, and agents.

 As a Houston home inspector, I have always been disappointed with the lack of information written about the home buying process and the various parties involved. Most books about home inspection are written from a purely technical standpoint. This book however deals with the complete home buying process and how various professionals such as home inspectors, appraisers, agents, title companies and mortgage brokers all participate in providing peace of mind to a homebuyer.

 Wally spends the first few chapters of the book explaining the importance of managing the expectations of the home buyer. I like his quote ” People are happy when things turn out well or better than expected: not necessarily that they turned out well. People hate surprises especially in a real estate transaction.

 The book explains that service providers are there to help especially in the area of identifying and managing the home buyers risk in the transaction. The responsibility of reducing risk is outlined for agents, Houston home inspectors, appraisers, title companies, and mortgage professionals.

 Wally does an outstanding job of outlining the role of the inspector, the one who must explain the realities of the house without frightening the buyer, and explain the difference between what’s good to know and what must be addressed.

 There are chapters in the book dealing with the difference between a city inspector and the independent home inspector as well as the reasons why every new home should be inspected.

 This book is without a doubt one of the best publications for a homebuyer to read prior to the start of the home buying process. It should also be required reading for all the service providers, agents, inspectors, appraisers etc. who sometimes get caught up in the mindset of just making the transaction close.

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