New Houston Home Inspection Uncovers Fire Hazard

Houston Home Inspection: This short video from Jim Davis, the Houston Texas certified master home inspector, was published to encourage those of you having new homes built of the necessity of having that house inspected. This video takes a look at several defects found in a new home during a recent Houston home inspection. All these defects are related to an improperly installed fireplace chimney, which resulted in a chimney fire hazard, a major roof leak and damaged fireplace insert. This house was three days away from closing.
Had this issue not been discovered during the Houston home inspection, the only sign the new homeowner may have noticed of this major problem would have been the water stain on the ceiling. If he/she didn’t notice the stains, a little later they might notice the wood floor starting to buckle and if they didn’t notice that, they surely would notice the smoke alarms going off as the wooden chimney chase catches fire. That would ruin the holiday party.
With the record starts of new home construction in the Houston real estate market, all home buyers must have the house inspected prior to closing. Every agent should also insist on having an inspection for the protection of their home buying client.

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