One Year Builder Warranty Inspection

Will You Pay $863.00?

That’s the average cost to repair builder defects by people selling their homes. A recent J.D. Power survey found that the typical buyer had 14 problems with his new home. That’s up 7 percent from the 2004 study. Now is the time to find the problem areas. If you ignore the issue now you’ll end up paying for repairs out of your own pocket later.
When About The House, Inspection Services conducts a Builder Warranty Inspection for a client they (the home owner) are always shocked by the long list of items in need of repair. Most homeowners are not trained in home construction or inspection. They may not be aware of a minor leak that takes a couple of years to do enough damage to appear. The same is true for electrical problems, where an incorrectly wired receptacle could go undetected until someone gets shocked or worse. Improper yard drainage is another problem that could take years to show up as foundation problems.
As a homeowner, coming up on the one year anniversary of your new home, you only have two choices:

Have a Builder Warranty Inspection:
1. Identify warranty repairs before the warranty expires.
2. Schedule repairs at your convenience.
3. Have the builder pay for the repairs.
4. Sleep well knowing that your home is sound.

Don’t Have A Builder Warranty Inspection:
1. Pay to repair builder mistakes out of your pocket while you’re living in the home or, wait until you have a contract to sell your home.
2. Worry about what the buyer’s home inspector will find.
3. Receive the buyer’s home inspection report that will contain warranty repair issues.
4. Try to negotiate out-of-warranty repairs with the builder under the time pressure of a sale.
5. Try to schedule repairs at someone else’s convenience under the time pressure of a sale.
6. Pay for repairs that the builder refuses to perform because the home is no longer under warranty.

Our builder warranty inspections are full Comprehensive Houston Home Inspections. We perform these inspections using the same standards we use for resale homes. Your Houston home inspection report can be sent directly to the builder as official notification of the required repairs.

When would you like to Set-Up your builder warranty inspection?

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