Pre Listing Home Inspection

The Pre-Listing Home Inspection

A great Home sellers stress buster

More and more, sellers are opting to have their homes inspected themselves, as a way to stand out in a competitive selling market. A pre-listing Houston home inspection gives you an accurate picture of your home, and helps you and your agent set a fair asking price. You have the choice to make repairs, or to adjust your price accordingly. Any negotiations over additional repairs are done as part of the initial deal, and don’t become points for last—minute haggling. Everyone has the same information from the beginning, and there are no surprises before closing.


Inspections have traditionally been done as one of the final steps toward closing, which can be stressful for all concerned. If an inspection done as part of a contingency clause reveals issues which have not been previously addressed, closings can be delayed and sometimes the deal doesn’t go through at all. Re-negotiations over price and repairs can stand between you and closing your deal.


By proactively having your home inspected by a reputable professional, the stress is removed. The home is presented accurately, and any prospective buyer who makes an offer does so with full knowledge of the condition of the home. This significantly reduces the risk of last-minute cold feet and lost buyers.


Additionally, because you are arranging for the inspection, you have the chance to review the report before it is finalized, and to offer any documentation you may have that will make the report as accurate as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pre-Listing Inspections


What is a Pre-Listing Inspection?

A pre-listing inspection is conducted before your home is put on the market. It allows you to provide a detailed, accurate picture of your home, enabling buyers to make informed decisions.


Why should I have a Pre-Listing Inspection?

A pre-listing inspection gives you a clear idea of the condition of your home, giving you the option to make repairs or to adjust your asking price. Without the pressure of closing, the inspection can be more thorough and you can supply useful information, making the report as accurate as possible.


Other benefits of Pre-Listing Inspections

H    Pre-Inspected homes tend to sell more quickly and for more money

H    You get to choose your Inspector

H    You get to review the report and make any repairs you choose before the inspection report is printed

H    About The House Inspection Services will provide full-color summaries of the inspection as a marketing tool for your prospective buyers

H    No re-negotiations based on inspection findings

H    Buyers don’t walk away at the last moment after finding out that the home is not perfect

H    Pre-Listing Inspections transfer the burden of disclosure from the seller to the inspector

H    Your home can be marketed as “Pre-Inspected”


Why Should I consult About The House Inspection Services for my Pre-Listing Inspection?

H    About The House Inspection Services will take the time necessary and work with you and your agent to present the most accurate report possible

H    About The House Inspection Services will provide 50 full-color copies of a summary report to be used as a marketing tool, available to any prospective buyer who is shown your home. This summary will include photos of the interior and exterior of the home and all contact information for your listing agent.

H    About The House Inspection Services will be available during open house events as an expert consultant on your home

H   About The House Inspection Services will offer a “home orientation” walk-through at a discounted inspection rate to the buyer of your home

How do I arrange a Pre-Listing Inspection?

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