Houston New Home A/C Theft

Houston Home Inspections: With the high rate of appliance theft in newly constructed Houston area homes, it’s understandable why some home builders wait until the day before closing to install the new stove, dishwasher and microwave oven. Unfortunately waiting until the day before closing usually means that these items cannot be included in a Houston home inspection.
As a Houston home buyer, making sure that these appliances are installed and operating correctly will be your responsibility. As a Houston home inspector, I always advise visiting the house right before closing, not only to check the appliances but also look at the A/C condensing unit. Metal parts are being stripped out of these units and sold as scrap at an alarming rate. I understand that the metal from these units will bring less than $100 at the scrap yard but result in completely destroying a $3,000 A/C condensing unit. It can take several days to a week to replace the unit.
The last thing you want to do is start moving your belongings into a Houston home in the middle of August without air conditioning.

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