Houston Home Inspection; Beware of the Flip House (Part 2)

Hi folks it’s Jim Davis, your Houston home inspector, with a second installment of our Beware of the Flip House. I recently had an  opportunity to perform another Houston home inspection that had been renovated by an investor.

My Houston home inspection clients were a real nice couple buying the house to be closer to their grand kids. I found some pretty interesting deficiencies in the house but the most ridiculous thing was a request by the sellers for anyone walking through the house to wear booties over their shoes. The house had new builder grade (cheap) carpet with shrink wrap covering most of the walkways; I guess the rehabber wanted to emphasize the carpet.

When you look past the pretty and shiny you realize that rehabs require extra attention on the part of the home inspector and homebuyer.

In this Houston home inspection we found a newly installed microwave oven and exhaust fan above the stove top, unfortunately the installer forgot to remove the plate on top of the unit so it doesn’t exhaust outside the house just back into the kitchen.

We also realized that the HVAC filter has not been changed since renovations started. The HVAC unit is probably as dirty on the inside as the filter.

We even found a broken tub faucet control knob that just fell off when it was touched, but boy did that new tile look great!

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