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Water Heater Health Hazard

Houston Home Inspections: Water Heater Health Hazard. Did you know that there is an appliance in your home that can cause headaches nausea and even death? What we’re talking about in this video is your water heater that may have been installed incorrectly or may have been damaged by Highwinds. During Houston home inspections inspectors […]

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Top Notch Houston Home Inspector

I didn’t meet Jim face to face, as we were relocating from out of state and couldn’t be at the inspection due to those logistics. However, when I spoke to him on the phone he was very thorough and answered many of my questions before I asked them. I knew right away we were in […]

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Sticking with a good thing!

So in October we found Jim and got him to inspect a house. He did a great job for us. Based a lot on what he found, we chose not to buy. Just about the time the adrenalin of the house buying process wore off, a house we’ve been looking at for nearly a decade […]

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ATH was recommended by a real estate agent friend. We didn’t know of anyone in particular so we took her advice. Man, are we glad we did! ATH found all sorts of issues with the house we were looking at! Lots of things we would have NEVER thought about. ATH found things that even the […]

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