Sticking with a good thing!

So in October we found Jim and got him to inspect a house. He did a great job for us. Based a lot on what he found, we chose not to buy. Just about the time the adrenalin of the house buying process wore off, a house we’ve been looking at for nearly a decade popped up on the market. There was NO QUESTION that we would use Jim for the inspection. To say Jim is thorough is a bit of an understatement. Again, Jim found all sorts of things wrong or that were at odds with the disclosures. He also found things that the owner really didn’t know about. BIG THINGS. They could have really bitten us in the tookus had they gone unnoticed until after the sale. One of the best things about his inspections is that you get a verbal report before he leaves the house. He goes over everything and shows it to you in person so you can really see and understand the issue. A few hours later, we got the final report via email. The report is professionally done and makes a great negotiation tool. The whole process could not be any easier. We hope not to have to inspect another house, but there is no way we would think about anyone else.

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