Water Heater Health Hazard

Houston Home Inspections: Water Heater Health Hazard. Did you know that there is an appliance in your home that can cause headaches nausea and even death? What we’re talking about in this video is your water heater that may have been installed incorrectly or may have been damaged by Highwinds. During Houston home inspections inspectors will always look at the water heater and in most cases the water heater is installed in the attic space. When it’s not install correctly there’s a chance the carbon monoxide gas can leak out into the attic space and into the home and causing the occupants of the home become sick. In the video will be looking at several examples of draft hoods on the top of water heater that have either been knocked out of place or were not installed correctly. These issues can be solved easily by a handyman and HVAC or a plumber the cost should be fairly small and the issue should be addressed as soon as possible. When you have a house inspected in Houston make sure your Houston Home Inspector lists all the issues with the water heater as most of the issues should be addressed prior to closing.

Jim Davis
Houston Home Inspector and Certified Master Inspector

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