Swimming Pool Resurface Costs

Houston Home Inspection:
Many home buyers today are looking for a home with an in ground swimming pool. This video stresses the importance of having the pool inspected at the same time as the Houston home inspection so swimming pool resurface costs can be determined and negotiated with the sellers. We look at the various steps in pool refinishing, before and after results of the project as well as the cost to refinish a swimming pool.

The costs for a professional resurface of a swimming pool can range from $3000 to over $10,000. The cost vary because of the options for the surface product and color selected. At the bottom of the range the surface will be the basic white plaster and may carry a short 12 month warranty. As the price goes up additional materials will be added to the surface such as quartz. The higher quality material will also carry a longer warranty.

As with any pool remodeling project the swimming pool resurface costs will only be part of the total costs involved. All the plastic wall jets as well as the return drains at the bottom of the pool will need to be replaced. The coping around the top of the pool as well as the tile is usually replaced and any water features such as waterfalls and spray features will need at least some attention.

The pool equipment is another area that will usually require some repair or upgrades. This includes pumps, motors, piping, heaters, lights, pool vacuums  and filters.

Anyone buying a house with a swimming or installing a pool should also be aware of the continuing costs of electricity, the chemical expense and the regular pool cleaning.

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