Houston Home Inspection Revels Water Heater Leak

This video of a recent Houston home inspection revealed serious problems with the water heater servicing the master suite of the home. This water heater had obviously been leaking for at least a year, wasting thousands of gallons of water and not providing any hot water for the master bath.

You might think that this house was a small inexpensive home in bad condition, however this Houston home was 5,000 square feet, located in a very expensive neighborhood on an exclusive golf course. The current home owners didn’t seem to mind, it appeared that they had taken a (cold) shower just prior to the start of the Houston home inspection.

This just goes to show you that it really doesn’t matter how expensive the home might be it can still be in terrible condition.

By the way this house also had several roof leaks, mold on the ceiling of the garage, two air-conditioning units that were not cooling, buckled wood floors from water damage and significant termite infestation and damage. None of these items made the disclosure document.

And yes, it was selling at full price and the sellers were not offering any consideration for repairs or money at closing.!

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