Pest Control

Tips to help in the war against bugs:

  • Do not save brown paper bags and do not store items in cardboard boxes. They are a home for roaches and may contain egg capsules especially if they are from grocery stores.

  • Place dry pet food into plastic containers with lids to help eliminate an attractive food supply for ants, roaches and other pests.

Many people do not understand why their efforts fail to rid their home of pests. The reasons are many and varied. Three of the main reasons are, not using the right “stuff” at the right time and in the right place. If it were as easy as the TV ads would have you believe all pests would have been eliminated a long time ago. Pest control companies know the right “stuff’ to use, know when and where to use it.

We can provide this service and would appreciate your business. As a bonus, if you are one of our regular general pest customers, we will do yearly termite inspections free and furnish a certificate, should you decide to refinance or sell your home.

Practical Sting: Remedies

The next time you go camping or to any location frequented by bees, take along a small container of ordinary meat tenderizer. Dr. Richard Martinez, clinical director of the Stanford University Hospital emergency department, advises that meat tenderizer substantially relieves the pain caused by stings from bees and wasps. “Just mix the tenderizer with water”, he says, “and put the paste on the painful spot. In most cases you’ll get quick relief.”

However, if you are allergic to insect or similar venom, you should know that you could go into anaphylactic shock, a life threatening condition. If you have that special sensitivity, Dr. Martinez recommends that you take with you on summer outing, a sting kit that contains adrenaline and an antihistamine, which can buy time until you get to a doctor.

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