How to Avoid Buying a Renovated Flood House with Mold

This video, from Houston home inspector Jim Davis, is about the ways to avoid buying a Houston renovated, previously flooded, house with mold contamination issues. Three tips are provided. These include the correct documents a homeowner needs to prove that the house was remediated properly and tested for mold, researching the renovation contractor that provided […]

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Pool Resurface Video

Swimming Pool Resurface Costs

Houston Home Inspection: Many home buyers today are looking for a home with an in ground swimming pool. This video stresses the importance of having the pool inspected at the same time as the Houston home inspection so swimming pool resurface costs can be determined and negotiated with the sellers. We look at the various […]

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Jim Davis

Water Heater Health Hazard

Houston Home Inspections: Water Heater Health Hazard. Did you know that there is an appliance in your home that can cause headaches nausea and even death? What we’re talking about in this video is your water heater that may have been installed incorrectly or may have been damaged by Highwinds. During Houston home inspections inspectors […]

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Finding wall stud

Finding a Wall Stud

Finding A Wall Stud: Whether you’re hanging a large picture or a TV, you’ll need to be able to locate a stud in the wall. In this “About The House” video, we’re going to cover a few different methods to help you do this. To cover all of these methods, we have gathered the following […]

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